Your Style Sheet

You need to create a style sheet in order for your view to be rendered.

The stylesheet you're going to create is analagous to a stylesheet in css that only has class selectors.

Here's what it looks like:

import Style
import Style.Color as Color
import Style.Font as Font

-- We need a type that represents out style identifiers. 
-- These act like css classes
type MyStyles
    = Title

-- We define our stylesheet
stylesheet =
        [ Title
            [ Color.text darkGrey
            , Color.background white
            , Font.size 5 -- all units given as px
            , Font.typeface
                [ Font.font "Helvetica"
                , Font.font "Comic Sans"
                , Font.font "Papyrus"

Now you can then use Title as a style identifier on your layouts!

There are a number of Style modules that all handle a specific aspect of your styling.

Check them out in the docs!

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